Spring/Summer round up/news on band & Autum/Winter

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Monday, August 6, 2012

So summer is ending... this is probably the saddest thought ever! because it hasn't felt like summer at all, with all the silly rain -.- it makes me sad thinking how much rain we have had! however looking back its been good.. why?

1. i met harry and we are together now which i think is a good thing, as i have managed to get him to dress much better which i think is an accomplishment in itself!

2. I have a huge collection of shorts i feel i should show you guys the amount of shorts i own.. but i feel you would all be shocked!

3. I have some how managed to get back into fake tanning even though i told my friends i wouldnt after all the mistakes of the past 3 years!! (my life is a sham) but hey ho! i am actually good at it now...

4. I have re kindled my love for blogging again after i stopped due to silly AS levels.. but now i am dedicated woop!

5. My Makeup collection is growing rapidly and i think if i carry on i wont be able to walk into my shower (due to the high amount of shampoo) and look out of my window in my bathroom (as thats where all my makeup/creams/facial wash lives...) *sigh*

6. i have agreed with all my family/friends that yes i am addicted to both clothes and makeup and how could i forget.. shopping! it is something i am both disappointed in but also glad as i can safely say i have a wonderful joy in it and i arent addicted to drugs so meh! 

Band News: *nerd alert* Thats right we have new uniforms. This is fashion based so i feel compelled to share with you the fact that yes. we have some brand new Fleeces/Waterproofs (they turn inside out..wild i know!) knew jackets & new skirts.. may i add these are the comfiest skirts EVER.

on some random notes: i love Macarons.. oh my lord they are so yummy! i think i am too addicted going to make Harry bake me some, luckily he is amazing at baking.. i am one lucky girl! 

also, WOW to Mr. Bolt.. i have a serious crush on that guy.. it's unhealthy i love that signature pose of his, one day i shall master it!

can i also add, i have managed to fit in my old size 10 jeans. this my dears is an AMAZING achievement not only do feel great that i an fit in them my mum is also shocked *haha* 

hmmm, i love him... sad really...
oh my. this is making me hungry D:

so what am i wearing today? this is hard to explain since i have lost my camera charger... oops... So i am wearing my leggings from Topshop which have a leather look pannel running down the side of the legs. A Grey baggy long sleve top from Miss Selfridge and also my beloved baggy denim shirt from ark... i hope you can paint a very vague picture of what i am wearing, however i am now going to try and find both camera and charger.. 

i also have a new addition to my shoe family YAY! another pair of flossy's i have a navy pair, now i have a maroon pair they are so comfy i live in those babies! May i also add they are great driving shoes.. ;)

managed to snap these with my phone.. Beauties
Jeans: Topshop

Whats in store for Autum/Winter? 
1. i turn 18.. YAY not really fashion based but i think its a pretty big mile stone in my life
2. i get to buy some more coats, i love a good coat! especially Zara ones, i have a lovely one from their and my god its amazing! when it hits the time, i shall post a picture up!
3. Fashion Week in London arrives, sadly i cant get down at the time it is on, but i shall be following intently and comment on the pictures that i see
4. Christmas.. My favourite time of year! i think it is so pretty and i can get some more festive Jumpers, wow i love those! also its time for the big knits the best thing in the world christmas playing with band. this doesnt count.. *nerd alert*
5. time to buy some winter shoes, i dont really own any and i never have! i am going to change this and i am going to purchase some! 
since autum/winter is not a while yet i shall leave this at a healthy 5 points, i shall add more!

a tad long today, sorry guys! but there was a lot to share with you all!

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x


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