duvet day

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Friday, June 29, 2012

so today its my colleges training day..which means no college..which means duvet day :D
though i need to stop eating as much as i do :/ so i am cutting down! sad days..

so today i thought i would go through some new music which i like in a top 5 :) this isnt a which is best order, it is just the bands which are good!!!

  1. Passion Pit - they have been around for a few years now, i am so happy they have a new single 'Take A Walk' its very summery and i find myself smiling and doing the chair dance! Check it out!
  2. The Lumineers - a new band on the scene with their debut new single 'Ho Hey' a very indie song with a mumford and sons feel to it! i love it a lot another summery song! 
  3. Jonquil - a very Indie/Alternative song it seems to always put a smile on my face when i listen i enjoy it loads the track is called 'Run' 
  4.  The Enemy - these guys have been making music since 2007 and they are still going strong! There new single 'Like A Dancer' of their new album 'Streets In The Sky' Out Now! i found that all off the songs on there are very good i cant pick a fault with the album 
  5. last but not least Haim - A new girl group (YAY) but they are more indie which is good, their debut single 'forever' has been single of the week by a few of Radio 1's dj's! this song is so dancy and never fails to put a smile on my face 
hope you enjoy these new tunes!
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x 
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Decleor Beauty Products

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Monday, June 25, 2012

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Finding Discount Beauty Products

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My Most Admired Beauty Products

Posted by fshsfhsfh

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marble nails

Posted by fshsfhsfh

so recently me and one of my good friends decided we should try out something new: Marble nails!! possibly the best thing i have done in AGES! even though it did take a fair while!
it took us around 1hour D: but it is so so worth it and plus everyone comments on how awesome they are so if you have some spare time out of doing work/school/family things you should totally try it!
below is what my finished nails look like! 
nail varnish used:
Barry M: Peach Melba&Blue Moon
Rimmel London: in orange
NO7: deep purple&white
OPI: red
(the one bad thing about this is that when you
dip in your fingers you get nail varnish all over your
fingers :/ You will see why in the instructions!)

  1. find an old yoghurt pot, tin, box or a container that you can put water in and a finger! You will also need a cocktail stick. Also make sure your nails have some form of base coat whether that is just your normal base coat or a colour (i recommend white as it goes with anything!) as the nail varnish can stick to something!
  2. fill up your container with cold water, grab as much nail varnish as you can find and get on a table and maybe cover it up with news paper so you dont drop anything on the table!!
  3. once you have done that - place 1 drop of your chosen nail varnish (preferably a dark/bright colour) and watch it expand, it should go into a circle shape. If not clear out the water and try again! if your first colour is successful QUICKLY so it doesnt dry place another colour in and add as many colours as you would like (preferably 3) and have fun watching them expand! this step is all about trial and error - you need to try as many nail varnishes as you can to get the best results! 
  4. grab your cocktail stick and drag in the colours to make a swirly pattern (again QUICKLY!)
  5. then once you think 'thats a cool pattern' place one of your finger nails HORIZONTAL on the nail varnish and then straighten the finger into the water you need lots of patience for this step so dont give up keep trying! 
  6. then collect the remaining nail varnish onto the cocktail stick by swirling it around the stick
  7. let the nail dry (by this point your finger will be covered in nail varnish but it does go away!)
  8. do all this again for each nail. i would suggest cleaning the water after every 2nd nail!!

hope you have all found this useful! and show me your results :)
if you would like another one of these i am going to try Splat Nails!
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x
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Purchasing Health & Beauty Products Online

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Work At Home Selling Beauty Products

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Posted by fshsfhsfh on Sunday, June 24, 2012

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uni confusion

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Friday, June 22, 2012

is it just me or is finding a uni so god damn hard? there is so much choice and i am the most indecisive person EVER!! 
so what brought me on to this... going to a uni day at Leeds Met with 142 uni's.. yeah instead of helping me, it has just made my thought processes harder -.- so THANKS! and to add to this.. i have 24 prospectus's D:
this is going to be a chore to whittle it down to 5!! i feel so bad for the uni's that i have to throw away :( this is just horrible times!

Not only this - but i went to a gap year seminar and that appealed to me also -.- so i am even more lost (even though the chances of me taking one is like.. 3% so meh!)
it was also raining ALL DAY so i was drenched.. all this = Not my day!!

for those who read this thinking 'what does she want to do?' i want to take Fashion Journalism :) or Music Journalism or anything to do with Fashion Communication or Magazine/online Journalism - so blogging will help!
for those who think 'wow this is boring and she is crazy!' i am sorry and i shall do something 'normal' soon

for now i shall leave you with Poli├ža.. her new/debut album give you the ghost is INSANE! have a listen!

thanks for reading this short blog!
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Amie x x
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Privacy Policy

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gah year 13 - its not all doom and glooom!

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

this is so depressing started year 13 already and i am sick of the depressing talk of 'its going to be really hard - so keep on top of it' I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT! gah i hate it so much and i cant drop psychology until September talk about torture -.- stressing already and its what.. 2days in D: #longyearahead not only that but my body clock is ruined! i woke up so late i had to get ready in 10mins... it hasn't been my day today! literally had to find something in my wardrobe and sling it on and hope for the best!! hopefully it will be better tomorrow... please?
luckily i shall be 18 soonish and i am going to Paris in a month so its not all doom and gloom!

so fashion wise - i have been wearing this INCREDIBLE cameo jacket my brother gave me from his cadet uniform.. which saved me £30 in arc so as you can tell i am over the moon! i wear it with everything and its very comfy, though some people said i look ridiculous but i don't dress for others. i dress for me.
and as for the people who say i dress horribly its called originality you should get some :) (sorry this is so ranty..!) also been wearing my blouses as per usual so nothing has changed reeally! 

within all this been thinking i may get a small tattoo in my wrist so that's also something for me to think on!
note to self: dont wear red and green ever again! and get some deck shoes&creepers!
if any of you have any advice on creepers that would me much appreciated!

music: think i should do a top 10 as i haven't done one in AGES!

10. Grimes - her new singles Oblivion & Genesis.. i cant make my mind up if i like them or not.. they are really out there but they are so so cool and different... hmmm
09. Jack White - my boyfriend (harry) got me into him he has been trying for ages and i finally caved and omg! so so addicted freedom at 21 is my fave his voice blows me away every time
08. Friends - a new band on the scene and i find their new single 'friend crush' really groovy (cringey word sorry!) but it relaxes me and so different!
07. Jessie Ware - her dubstep music has this new feel to it almost pop but not! very cool and BIG summer tunes '110%' is my fave
06. Spector - New band to the scene and i love them! very dancey feel good songs but yet very indie.. new single 'Celestine' one of my fave songs right now
05. Ben Howard - i couldnt do a top 10 without him on here...
04. AlunaGeorge - new singer to the block and her new single 'You know you like it' been a big thing for many Radio 1 DJ's very catchy and again big for the summer
03. Newton Faulkner - New single 'Clouds' amazing. 
02. Icona Pop - girl duet, electropop, 'Nights Like This' 'Manners' listen. so so catchy. Summer. amazing!!!
01. Niki and The Dove - my favourite band. Words can't describe my utter love for them! *speechless* New album 'Instinct' Out NOW!!! listen to 'the fox' amazing! they are going to be at Leeds - get your ears in the tent to see them!!!!!!

sorry this was so wordy!!

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie xx
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feeling random.. awesome pic day #1

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Saturday, June 9, 2012

so not only is today one of my last days of freedom and the ability to lie in until silly hours.. i have decided i want to post some pretty awesome piccys on here, so saturday shall now be awesome pictureday to brighten up your saturday - you can thank me later ;) 


hopefully over time we should have an awesome collection of awsome piccys :)
thanks for reading -like and comment
Amie xx

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Posted by fshsfhsfh on Friday, June 8, 2012

news off this half-term.. went to see coldplay.OMG what an amazing show!!
they really did impress me and i was in touching distance of Chris himself.. i almost died haha!! what i loved was the idea of the wrist bands lighting up, amazing idea to get everyone involved with it all... I am still in amazement!!!
was stood next to some really nice people and made a new friend i think she was called laura.. not too sure :/ any who she was lovely :')

and i wasnt too excited for the show because yeah i love coldplay but i arent crazy for them..however it is the best show i have been to.. Big thumbs up! and they played all my faves.. so i am happy haha! the only thing is.. it rained the WHOLE time we were there so i was drenched *sigh* so i had to do the quick change into the PJ's in the car... smooth... Don't act like you have never done it before!!

Preview from behind me, my dad took it as he is so tall!
Chris Martin with all the confetti i was right on the barrier 

on smaller..more depressing yet normal, news i have been very busy with doing nothing this half-term catching up on sleep and movies! so i have been watching Wild Child.. i havent seen it in ages and i have watched it everyday.. i love it so much hahaha! i am so sad...

hopefully i shall be posting next week... I WILL remember :P

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie xx
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no more exams YAY

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Sunday, June 3, 2012

so with exams done I have one whole week to relax, possibly the most amazing feeling ever!

so what did i do to celebrate- went to a Harvey Nichols fashion party and got loads of freebies... i was buzzing! i would usually put up some pics but sadly my camera is at my friends house due to a end of exams party :/ sad times!! wine and vodka dont mix well.. blergh..
i got: moschino earphones & Versace bag free with perfume! Flossy shoes and Nails Inc Nail varnish - i call that one huge success (y)

fashion wise i have been wearing my shorts again and i am really into wearing denim and denim, huge fashion no no but i think it looks pretty cool for the grunge look!
i have also dip dyed some bits of my hair a reddy orange... not sure if it was a good idea but i thought why not!! as 1D say.. YOLO :')

as i mentioned i went to party of which i was wearing this fluffy hat all evening it was so comfy.. and so warm!
still trying to find some a new blouse,, any help would be appreciated :) haha

jacket: Topshop
Top: Topshop

i now have dye on both front party of my hair - this was early in the night when i was testing... 

music wise i am still the same - i would suggest checking out spector and maximo park they are two amaze bands (y)
addicted to red hot chili peppers... hehe!!!
NEWS: going to see Coldplay on thursday, i may do a quick blog in the car along the way on my phone.. so stay tuned!!
thanks for reading - like and comment,,
amie xx
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