Posted by fshsfhsfh on Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter my fellow readers, hope you have loads of choccies and food :D

i for one shall be rolling boiled eggs of which are coloured down a hill :') can not wait haha, but i shall also be thinking of Poor Jesus in his cave, but we all know he comes out in the end! and for that reason i am going to eat what would've been his chocolate... haha

this is what i have on for my dear family this easter: 
 Denim shirt - ark
Stripey jumper - primark
Deep purple cord shorts -topshop
Piccadilly Circus nail varnish - nails inc

my face looks a tad weird in this..but my camera is being slightly weird with my today.. so this is the best i can do :/ i arent technological at all when it comes to cameras, you will have to forgive me :') 

and for the music today i am blasting out Chase & Status -No More Idols.. havent heard this beast in such along time.. so good always manages to put a smile on my face :') 

this is a short one today, thanks for reading
amie x
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holy crow!

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Friday, April 6, 2012

I am actually getting worse.. but I am in the Easter brake now so I can post as much as I want as sadly I have loads of free time D:

fashion wise I am really into denim shorts.. I think i have now 9 pairs I think it is getting worse as I still feel as though I want more pairs! I also have a recent addiction to HUGE male cardigans.. as my friends know I have this amazing one I bought in debenhams that is male and its amazing. haa! 
I also have a thing for bags... which is like going backwards for me (weird I know!) but I haven't bought a bag since last summer and I have suddenly bought loads... so as you can imagine I am shopping lots more (yet again!)

I will try and get some pictures up tomorrow (definitely posting tomorrow!) as some of you are aware I am doing my AS's so i have tonnes of work to do, so blogging is difficult during school times as I often find myself working rather than thinking of what to put on here, apologies! but I am back now ;)

music wise I am still the same really, apart from I have a sudden addiction to the Shins New album, if you haven't got it I think you should. there is something for everyone on there and its totally different to their other stuff, the song which I am addicted to is '40 mark strasse' very very good!

summer wise.. i am very excited... going to see coldplay, evolution festival (in Newcastle), Plan B in July going to Paris... :D and then to top it all off.... LEEDS FEST! 

sorry this has been a little unusual for me.. but I figured I needed to post something! i will be back with a bang tomorrow :') 

thanks for reading,
amie xx 
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